My Story

Mary E. Bolin ~
Owner of by Chance graphics

I absolutely love what I do!

I was born and raised in Southern Indiana. I’m literally as far south as one can get in this state. I live right on the Mighty Ohio River. I’ve been drawing, painting, designing, CREATING my entire life.

Growing up, art class (and study hall because I could use my time to sketch) were my favorite places to be. I can remember always getting in trouble during study hall because the teacher(s) thought I should be using my time more effectively than drawing. I could have been using my time towards productive ‘real work’. What they failed to understand, was that to me, this was REAL WORK. I could spend hours and hours working on my projects and it would only seem like a few minutes had passed.

I put every bit of myself into each and every project.

They were a part of me, they consumed me, but in a positive, productive way. Now that I look back, all my projects, all my hours, all my dedication was the beginning of a fiercely devoted passion. A passion that instilled drive, determination, and an extremely ingrained, hard working, work ethic within me that still holds true to this day. If that isn’t ‘real work’ than I don’t know what is!

During college I was surrounded by people that had the same intense love of creating that I had. I was in my element! At the time (1993-97) the internet & computer generated art and graphics were still very new, but I remember being extremely curious and intrigued by it all. After speaking with, and getting the advice of several art professors, I switched my major from fine art to graphic design.

What a great decision for me!

I could use my drawing, painting, and photography skills on a computer as well as my sketch pad…heck, I had a sketch pad/canvas connected to my computer! I instantly fell in love.

Over the years I worked my way up as a graphic designer, art director, teacher and leader.

Now fast forward to December 1, 2016. I was informed that come June of 2017, I would be losing my job after 11 years as an Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer/Prepress Supervisor at a printing company. I had worked my entire life for that position, now you’re telling me it’s ENDING?

Of course this was horrible news…at first.

I had ALWAYS wanted to start my own creative freelance graphic design business, but as we all know, it is very hard to quit the stability and dependability of ones job. Especially with a family. But like it or not, the decision had basically been made for me.

I was scared…really scared.

Well life, fate, the Universe, whatever you want to call it, always has a way of working itself out. After grieving the loss of my job for a couple of weeks (laying around in my PJ’s, gorging on Snickers and M&M’s), I finally decided it was now or never. This was MY opportunity, a wonderful, fantastic, glorious opportunity in disguise! This was MY chance to take a leap of faith, to start MY own freelance graphic design company. SO I DID!

I am so grateful!

I now understand that dreams can come true, and relationships are only formed IF we have the courage to step out of our comfort zone and put ourselves ‘out there’.

I have this phrase that I refer to often. ACTION CURES FEAR. It’s scary taking a new, unknown path. Building new, viable and sustainable personal and business relationships are hard. But how will I, how will you, make that happen if we do not take action?


I’ve had to overcome my fear on almost a daily basis since starting my own business. But WOW! The relationships and supportive networks I have formed have been phenomenal…life changing!

My clients (existing and future), their needs, and my desire to help them succeed is the driving force behind my business.  When you choose to work with by Chance graphics, your success is truly my main focus because…